Hello Community Capital Advocates…ComCap17 is just 3 days away!

Want to have the best, most productive time at ComCap17? Here’s how…

First—party with your new friends! Sunday, Sept. 10 – opening night reception at Monterey Museum of Art – Pacific St, 6pm-8pm. Enjoy the special exhibit around our soirée, “Who Shot Monterey Pop! Photographs from the 1967 Music Festival.” Special thanks to our reception sponsors, Cannery Row Business Improvement District and Cannery Row Company.

The Paupers at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival, image source: Monterey Herald blog

Second—download our digital program app (comcap17conference.sched.com), explore the full program, and be a mobile attendee (plus, pick up a printed program at a Registration desk). It’s super easy to bookmark to your phone or tablet’s home screen, access the program, and even RSVP to sessions you don’t want to miss (or are speaking at!)

Third—you DO have a place to stay, right? If not… CLICK HERE for our travel and lodging info. From hotels and motels to vacation shares and Hostelling International, it’s not too late (yet)!

Historic Cannery Row

Fourth—decide what you really need to know. Explore the lineup of over SIXTY speakers and find the ones you need to talk with. Attend those sessions!! Buy them a beer at Monday or Wednesday’s casual after-parties. Here’s an impressive handful below:

Fifth—reee–e-e-e-l-a-a-a-ax. Take in the beauty that is Monterey. Breathe. Eat well. Bonus: FLASH YOUR BADGE for discounts!

Sixth—bring a friend to Woody Tasch’s keynote Monday evening. What does an innovative visionary sound like? Tickets here. Students come for free with valid ID (and admission is included for full conference attendees and speakers). Check out the recent Media Alert for more info.

Seventh—orient yourself using this Google map or the printed map in your program. Get ready to walk around downtown between venues, and park your car and leave it for the day!

We’ll have walking maps available in the printed and digital programs. It’ll be easy, promise!

Eighth—pack your bags: Water bottle, business cards, camera, sandals/walking shoes, sunglasses, etc.

Ready?! Image source: kimballstock.com

Ninth—seek out new friends. Walk and talk. Friend them, follow them, link in with them. Build the network! Start using the hashtags and see who else is! #comcap17 #locallyinvested

Tenth—look closely at Wednesday’s Workshops and Open-to-the-Public Working Groups (open to the public). Different. Actionable. Real. Join!

The McCone Building at Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS), where many sessions will be held.

Finally, community capital invites us to think differently about nearly everything, from how we look at money and business to how we define community. Engage in a little lateral thinking. What if…?

See you in Monterey!

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