What is community capital?

Capital that comes from the community, and is returned to the community, via the economy. “ComCap” = Community Capital.

Often associated with: impact investing, local investing, economic development, entrepreneurship

Why community capital?

As we democratize capital for small business and citizen investors, two things quickly become evident. The first is that we have to learn new terms and concepts. Legal and financial language once restricted to conversations between lawyers are now key to unlocking participation in our local economies, inviting us into a new and interesting world. The second thing we realize is that it’s not all that complicated. Some terms should be used fluently and understood by all. One word we’ve chosen to elevate is “capital”. It represents much more than financial capital, and can be a useful reminder as we plan to “grow capital” that we are actually speaking of many forms of capital – community capital – which gives us a chance for a richer (and more authentic) conversation around investing and its economic impacts. We’re going to embrace this new opportunity to be participants in our economies, helping with the need for knowledge that will certainly accompany it.

Source: NC3, the National Coalition for Community Capital

Who should attend?

Economic developers, entrepreneurs, legal professionals, small business advisors, impact investors, regulators, non-profits, for-profits, bankers, environmentalists, urban planners, community finance institutions, business owners, entrepreneurs, farmers, and enthused citizens.

Do you have a leadership role in supporting access to capital for entrepreneurs and investors in your community or state? Do you provide professional support for the transactional side of the equation, such as regulators, finance and legal professionals, or banking? Are you someone who wants to strengthen your local economy by building economic resilience?

This conference is for you.

Why should I attend?

Immerse yourself in the updates and strategies for activating community capital tools and techniques in your local community, at home where you live. Tell everyone about how they can, as everyday citizens, invest in the businesses they love and appreciate.

Buy local, eat local, drink local, support local… invest local.

Who is behind this conference?

ComCap is an initiative of Hatch Innovation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Portland, Oregon, whose mission is to enable people to build enterprises that improve communities.

Our 2017 conference is co-hosted by the City of Monterey and Middlebury Institute for international Studies, with support from the National Coalition for Community Capital [NC3].

Where can I learn more… now?

Listen to ComCap The Podcast, and tap into a network of people across the USA who are leading this movement, moving money away from Wall Street and into our local neighborhoods.

For more on ComCap17, explore our website and check out our keynotes and speakers line-up, subscribe to our newsletter for conference updates, and find us on social media. Stay tuned for the reveal of the conference program this summer.

Register today, and we’ll meet you in downtown Monterey this September!