“Although as individuals we may have our differences, one thing connects us – we are all Oregonians. We are innovators, seekers, doers.”

Kate Brown

Governor, State of Oregon

“The new fundraising laws in Oregon break apart the old system of business. We, the people, have been barred from investing – until now.”

Katrina Scotto di Carlo

Co-founder, Supportland

“Finally, a placed-based approach to growing the built, human and natural capital in our communities, building the fabric of relationships that help community thrive.

Stephanie Ryan

Senior Associate, B Lab

“This is about the depth and ability to address adversity Through common purpose and sharing of resources.”

Maui Meyer

Entrepreneur & County Commissioner, Hood River County

“Community capital makes the entire lending pool bigger, and allows new entrants a chance to jump in and start swimming.

Jeff Nicol

Regional Director, SBDC, Columbia Gorge Community College

No other state has embraced the challenge in as collaborative and innovative a fashion as Oregon, led by Amy Pearl and the team at Hatch. Other states can benefit from their example.”

Amy Cortese

Author, Locavesting

“Now is the time for all you community makers, risk takers, movers and shakers to create a new economy: ours.”

Amy Pearl

Founder & Executive Director, Hatch Innovation

“Community Capital is not just money—it’s money that means something. It means involving the people who use your product, who eat your ice cream, who drive the same roads you do.”

Stuart Phillips

Co-founder, Red Wagon Creamery

“Local investing is a way to escape this monoculture of financing options and explore creative ways to finance the business that are compatible with its mission and organic growth.”

Marco Vangelisti

Founder, Essential Knowledge for Transition