Please see our local map for a growing list of local hotels and lodging ideas. Monterey is a very popular destination, and we recommend you book your lodging as quickly as possible. As this is a dispersed conference, there is no one room block and we recommend checking the following range of options:


Panels range from 1hr to 1hr, 15min in length. We ask speakers to arrive 10-15 minutes early for any technical setup, and to bring your presentation and laptop with you if needed. We recommend coordinating an introductory slide for your panel, and if you’re moderating, slides with questions.

The majority of sessions are PANELS. This means you do not need to prepare a solo presentation unless specifically asked to do so for a session. Your PROVOCATEUR (aka our passionate moderators) should prepare Q&A and introductory slide(s) with the Q&A.


If you are interested in potentially selling & signing books during the event, or reserving an exhibitor table, or larger sponsorship, community or media partner opportunities, visit 2017.comcap.us/#sponsor


Your primary contacts:
Jess DeNoto, Conference Director jess@hatchthefuture.org
Amy Pearl, Executive Director of Hatch Innovation amy@hatchinnovation.org
Frankie Ku, Marketing + Outreach frankie@hatchthefuture.org
Collin Gabriel, Media Manager, Podcast Interviews collin@hatchthefuture.org