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Send any .ppt presentations (KEYNOTES TOO) by September 5. Send to Jess and Amy.




Plan to Join the Party Sunday Evening at the Monterey Museum of Art on Pacific Street from 6pm to 8pm. Don’t forget!

Plan for a Distributed Conference Model: Monday and Tuesday mornings we gather in the large, historic Golden State Theatre downtown for keynotes. Lunch is “on your own” and an opportunity to experience Monterey and its local food establishments, as well as meet on topics of interest. We will help facilitate this through programming, maps, and materials in the lobby of the theater. After lunch, breakout sessions are distributed throughout the city: some back at the Golden State, Osio Theaters, and Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS). These are all VERY centrally located and close to each other. There will be a map.

Join in the Action! Wednesday Workshops and Working Groups: The Monday and Tuesday schedules are similar, but Wednesday is unique as it seeks to make the learning actionable. Various Workshops and Working Groups have been scheduled, and will also be open to the public. Hatch (and friends) have designed the conference content around projects from the Monterey Bay area to support specific local goals. These Working Groups are facilitated but not formal. We invite you to join in, learn, and contribute. They include developing a “Fish Hub” in partnership with the Monterey Aquarium; working with the City of Monterey on their Economic Development plan based on data; building a working group on higher education; and, exploring the development of a local Center for Entrepreneurship. This conference model is unique, and will continue into the next two conferences in 2018 and 2019. Stay tuned.


Sessions: Sessions are either 1.5 or 2 hours in length. The intention is to provide sufficient time for formal presentations (if any), rich conversation, and networking AFTER the formal presentations are over. In other words, we want to provide time for people to visit with the panelists after the session is “over” and time for people to debrief right there in the room.

Panelists: While we have a number of “panelists” in each breakout session, the intended design of the sessions is to be built around key questions and rich conversation among all in the room. Panelists are experts, certainly, but also learners and question-askers. We want to disperse the panelists throughout the room so that they can be identified as key contributors to the discussion and learning, but also facilitators of the room. (We want to avoid ‘talking heads’ as much as possible). You each have a lot to share, but we’re interested in your experience AND your questions.

Introductions and Provocateurs: Each session will be introduced by someone from a local sponsor or key partner. Then, the Provocateur/Facilitator/Moderator will take charge, and move to the room to establish the key questions and begin the session. You will all have these questions in hand, and may also bring your own.

Recording and Documentation: Some sessions will be recorded by Hatch staff through either video or audio only. Also, students may be in the room taking notes, tweeting, and tracking comments and outcomes.

Access the digital program on our app: In addition to your printed program, we have an app for your smart phone/tablets/digital device. Check your email, as you will be assigned an account, where can edit your profile, RSVP for sessions that catch your interest, and upload documents and presentations for sharing with attendees. Bookmark our app with our conference partner, SCHED right here.



Sunday 11:00 am to 2:00 pm – held in Case Fuente Room 434 at MIIS 
Please join the National Coalition for Community Capital as they host the Second National Roundtable on Community Capital. This is a conversation on the development of key strategic initiatives  in support of movement building around the growth of community capital. The agenda will be published to those who RSVP. Please join, and RSVP HERE.


Dates: September 10-13, 2017
Location: downtown Monterey, California
Venues: Golden State Theater, Middlebury Institute of International Studies, Monterey City HallOsio Theater, Monterey Museum of Art

General program outline:
September 10: Second National Community Capital Roundtable at Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) and opening night reception at the Monterey Museum of Art – Pacific St. 6pm-8pm
September 11:  Registration, keynotes, sessions beginning at Golden State Theatre – Alvarado St; evening keynote by “Slow Money” Founder Woody Tasch and late night after-party at London Bridge Pub on Old Fisherman’s Wharf
September 12: Registration, keynotes, sessions beginning at Golden State Theatre – Alvarado St. and spreading around the city; Legal Cafe and Community Capital Cafe (1pm-4pm).
September 13: Extended learning labs & workshops taking place at Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) & Osio Theaters

See the full program: 


Please see our local map for a growing list of local hotels and lodging ideas. Monterey is a very popular destination, and we recommend you book your lodging as quickly as possible. As this is a dispersed conference, there is no one room block…we want to explore downtown! Check out the following:


All rooms are equipped with projectors – (some sessions are being held in actual theaters) – but not all will have audio. We need to know if you plan to show a video with your materials. Also, you don’t need to use powerpoint presentations at all if you wish. There is not requirement for formal presentations.

PRESENTATION TEMPLATES in both Powerpoint (.ppt) and Keynote (.key) versions are available below.

Download Powerpoint template here.

Download Keynote template here.


If you are interested in potentially selling & signing books during the event, or reserving an exhibitor table, or larger sponsorship, community or media partner opportunities, visit


Your primary contacts:
Jess DeNoto, Conference Director
Amy Pearl, Executive Director of Hatch Innovation
Frankie Ku, Marketing + Outreach
Amy Campbell Bogie, Marketing Liaison