• Blind Skateboarder Dan Mancina on His New Vision For The World
    Dan Mancina cannot visually make out a ledge or ramp but that doesn’t stop him from tackling them on a skateboard. The American has just 5% vision but, with the use of a cane, he has continued to perform some of the tricks he revelled in before losing his sight. Mancina ... read more
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  • As World Cup Kicks Off, FIFA Urged to Fight Iran’s Ban on Women in Stadiums
    An Iranian football fan demanded that FIFA’s president put pressure on her home country to overturn a ban on women attending stadium matches as the World Cup kicks off in Russia. Maryam Qashqaei hopes the world’s biggest single-event sporting competition will galvanise support for an online petition she plans to ... read more
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  • Lawmaker Urges More U.S. Support For Businesses That do Good
    A lack of U.S. government support is holding back businesses that seek to do good as well as making a profit, according to a Republican congressman who says the private sector often does a better job of solving society’s problems. Tom MacArthur introduced a bill to Congress in 2016 seeking ... read more
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  • Is Your Financial Advisor ‘Best for the World’?
    Impact investing is going mainstream. But while you may rest easier knowing that your nest egg is making a positive contribution to society (as well as your financial position), what about the financial intermediaries in your life? Every year, B Lab publishes a list of “Best for the World” B ... read more
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  • A Social Enterprise Accelerator Launches a Cryptocurrency for its Community
    You’ve heard of Bitcoin. But a growing number of social enterprises are also adopting blockchain-based cryptocurrencies to build safe, transparent networks and communities. One recent example is COMMON, a social entrepreneurship accelerator and collaborative community based in Boulder, Colorado. COMMON recently introduced a cryptocurrency called COMMON Cents, to be used by ... read more
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  • In Minneapolis, a New Building Mixes Impact and Beer
    A new initiative in Minneapolis is bringing the idea of mixed use development to social entrepreneurship. FINNEGANS House, a newly opened building in downtown Minneapolis that is part of a bigger development project, combines a brewery with a space for the local impact community to connect and grow. Finnegan’s House ... read more
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  • Lower Your Taxes with Economic Democracy
    Many business people know that S corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) are tools to skip tax on a business’s income. But did you know that Subchapter T allows certain enterprises to benefit from the corporate form AND pass profits through to members tax-free? Subchapter T of the Internal Revenue ... read more
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  • Debt-based Crowdfunding Is Quietly Generating Investor Returns
    Crowdfunding success is often measured by the number of campaigns meeting their funding targets and the dollars raised. But what about the investor side of the equation? It’s still very early, and there are no industry-wide performance metrics that measure investor returns. But there are inklings. Some investment crowdfunding portals ... read more
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  • Obvious Ventures: Investing in Solutions for People and Planet
    Entrepreneurs are often lauded as “disruptors” in their fields. But what about funders? Early stage venture capital firm Obvious Ventures is betting on a way of investing that disrupts the process at its core. The Silicon Valley-based firm makes investments in what it calls “world positive” companies, or “startups that create ... read more
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  • How Community and Community Capital Can Influence Historic Preservation Projects
    Historic preservation projects are designed to protect a community’s heritage often through the expansion and enhancement of historic properties for public use. Community capital is designed to empower a community’s investment in itself through public offerings that are structured to engage a variety of investors. Preservation projects could meet their ... read more
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  • A Mission Driven Pickling Company Reached Their Direct Public Offering Goal in Less Than Two Months, This is Where They Are Now
    Seventeen years ago a small pickling company called Real Pickles, based in Greenfield, Massachusetts, became dedicated to changing the food system through their pickles. Owners Addie Rose and Dan Rosenberg practice traditional fermentation using only produce sourced from local family farms. Their pickles are a representation of how they run their mission ... read more
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  • Opportunity Knocks: New Tax Incentives for Community Investment Funds
    Since 2015, a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers has advocated for tax incentives for those who invest in low-income communities, recognizing that the benefits from the economic recovery have largely bypassed those communities. Their efforts were rewarded when their proposed opportunity zone program was included as Subchapter Z of the 2017 ... read more
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  • Want to have the best, most productive time at ComCap17? Here’s how…
    Hello Community Capital Advocates…ComCap17 is just 3 days away! Want to have the best, most productive time at ComCap17? Here’s how… First—party with your new friends! Sunday, Sept. 10 – opening night reception at Monterey Museum of Art – Pacific St, 6pm-8pm. Enjoy the special exhibit around our soirée, “Who ... read more
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  • Flash Your Badge and Get Hungry for Monterey!
    Fresh Fish. Fine Wine. The Perfect Breeze, Gorgeous Produce and Even Better Views. We invite our esteemed ComCap17 conference-goers to make the most of their upcoming trip, and experience the very best of what the historic Monterey Peninsula region has to offer, which is tremendous! In this post, you’ll find highlights ... read more
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  • CCTP016: Serving Minority Entrepreneurs with Xiomara Pena
    CCTP016: Serving Minority Entrepreneurs with Xiomara Pena CCTP016: Serving Minority Entrepreneurs with Xiomara Pena Tackling small business development is ... read more
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  • Students Make All the Difference: Join us at ComCap17
    “Students are the future. It makes sense that the only way we’re going to change the status quo is with young people. The world needs new models, yet we continue to use the old ones—systems that are killing us. We must build new systems with people who aren’t entrenched in ... read more
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  • What Should Local Economic Development Look Like?
    Community capital provides new access for citizens to invest and removes barriers to entrepreneurship. Historically under-served communities (i.e. African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, women, and rural), can now invest in the enterprises they believe in. They are starting businesses and accessing capital from sources other ... read more
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  • Monterey Musts: Let’s go to the Aquarium!
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