• Transform Finance: Bridging the Worlds of Finance and Social Justice
    Impact investment has the potential to transform economies and societies, say its advocates. But the growing field is littered with examples of good intentions gone wrong—often the result of a “top-down” approach. How can impact investors avoid unintended consequences and ensure that their investments are aligned with the goals and ... read more
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  • The World in 2018: Key Global Themes to Watch
    The World in 2018, the annual publication from The Economist, predicts that 2018 will be a nerve-jangling year as people across the world attempt to escape the tensions of politics and the frenzies of technology.  But the world can also look forward to an economy growing at a respectable pace and ... read more
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  • Elon Musk: My New Truck Can Transform Into a Robot, Fight Aliens and Make One Hell of a Latte
    The Tesla Semi, launched by Elon Musk, will deliver a far better experience for truck drivers, while increasing safety and significantly reducing the cost of cargo transport.  Musk has described Tesla’s new battery-powered cargo vehicle as an “unreal beast” and is set to revolutionize the transport supply chain. Electric power is cheaper ... read more
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  • Cities Overwhelmed by Unplanned Migration Need Support
    Many cities are being overwhelmed by growing numbers of people migrating to them, and will become highly vulnerable to floods, storms and other disasters unless authorities receive more support, urban experts have said. The proportion of the global population living in urban areas has risen from half in 2000 to ... read more
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  • Webinar Replay: Cannabis Business Structuring and Capital Raising
    Interested in the process to start a legal cannabis business in California? Watch our webinar with attorneys Kim Arnone and Daniel Dellafosse to learn about capital raising, entity formation and compliance for the California cannabis industry.   The post Webinar Replay: Cannabis Business Structuring and Capital Raising appeared first on ... read more
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  • NYC Will Invest in Local Women Entrepreneurs on Kiva
    Women entrepreneurs of New York: your city wants to invest in you. Under a new program, called WE Fund: Crowd, when women entrepreneurs create a crowdfunding campaign on Kiva.org, the city will kick in the first 10% of their goal, up to $1,000. New York City officials hope to support ... read more
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  • A New Credit Union Will Focus on Clean Energy
    Worried about climate change? Want to do more to support the spread of renewable energy? There’s a new credit union designed for people like you. The Clean Energy Credit Union is a new federally chartered credit union with a mission to help speed adoption of renewal energy by making it ... read more
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  • Techstars Launches New Social Impact Accelerator
    When it comes to social impact entrepreneurship, it’s everyone into the pool. The idea of business as a force for good has been entering the mainstream, with Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital creating impact investment funds. Now Techstars, the Silicon Valley accelerator, is the latest high ... read more
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  • Webinar Replay: Is Your Business Ready for a Larger Raise? Learn about Regulation A+
    Is your business ready for more funding? Watch our webinar replay on Regulation A+. Learn how to identify when your business is ready for a larger raise, receive an overview of the regulatory process for Reg A+, and hear how Reg A+ offerings can be promoted. Crack open your notepad, ... read more
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  • Meet Impact America: A ‘Best for the World’ Fund
    Every year, B Lab, the nonprofit that certifies B Corps, celebrates “Best for the World” companies—those that score in the top 10% of B Lab’s Impact Assessment. They also analyze investment funds. This year, 28 funds representing $1.3 billion in assets under management made the list of “Best for the ... read more
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  • ComCap17: It’s About Democracy
    “[T]his is a fundamentally pluralist vision, in which multiple forms of public, private, cooperative, and common ownership are structured at different scales and in different sectors to create the kind of future we want to see. The vision begins and ends with the challenge of community. If it does not ... read more
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  • Why Financial, Legal, and Business Professionals Should be Champions of Community Capital
    At this week’s ComCap17 Conference in Monterey, CA, one of the sessions that I participated in dealt with the roles of financial, legal, and business professionals as it relates to community capital. Our panel was moderated by my old friend, Michael Shuman, and we were joined by other professionals who ... read more
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  • Want to have the best, most productive time at ComCap17? Here’s how…
    Hello Community Capital Advocates…ComCap17 is just 3 days away! Want to have the best, most productive time at ComCap17? Here’s how… First—party with your new friends! Sunday, Sept. 10 – opening night reception at Monterey Museum of Art – Pacific St, 6pm-8pm. Enjoy the special exhibit around our soirée, “Who ... read more
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  • Flash Your Badge and Get Hungry for Monterey!
    Fresh Fish. Fine Wine. The Perfect Breeze, Gorgeous Produce and Even Better Views. We invite our esteemed ComCap17 conference-goers to make the most of their upcoming trip, and experience the very best of what the historic Monterey Peninsula region has to offer, which is tremendous! In this post, you’ll find highlights ... read more
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  • CCTP016: Serving Minority Entrepreneurs with Xiomara Pena
    CCTP016: Serving Minority Entrepreneurs with Xiomara Pena CCTP016: Serving Minority Entrepreneurs with Xiomara Pena Tackling small business development is ... read more
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  • Students Make All the Difference: Join us at ComCap17
    “Students are the future. It makes sense that the only way we’re going to change the status quo is with young people. The world needs new models, yet we continue to use the old ones—systems that are killing us. We must build new systems with people who aren’t entrenched in ... read more
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  • What Should Local Economic Development Look Like?
    Community capital provides new access for citizens to invest and removes barriers to entrepreneurship. Historically under-served communities (i.e. African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, women, and rural), can now invest in the enterprises they believe in. They are starting businesses and accessing capital from sources other ... read more
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  • Monterey Musts: Let’s go to the Aquarium!
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