• Forget Tech Startups. This Accelerator Wants to Scale Co-ops.
    Cooperatives are gaining renewed interest as an antidote to our winner-take-all society. But while tech startups have a rich ecosystem to tap into, from accelerators to seed funding to get-big-fast playbooks, new cooperatives are usually left to figure things out on their own. That, says serial coop entrepreneur Greg Brodsky, ... read more
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  • With Acquisition, A New Chapter for Vermont’s Milk Money
    Milk Money, a Vermont-only crowd investing portal, has been acquired, signaling a new phase for the platform—and perhaps the intrastate crowdfunding market as well. The two-year old intrastate crowdfunding platform’s new owner is the Vermont Innovation Commons, a regional innovation hub in Burlington combining a startup accelerator, co-working space and residential ... read more
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  • Electric Race Cars: Learning to Drive All Over Again
    A socket, a battery weighing almost half a tonne and 200 kilos of dry ice every day in the box at the race track. These are some of the features that have emerged with the rise of electric race cars, and the new models have completely changed the way racing ... read more
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  • Rich Nations Must Eat Less Meat to Tackle Climate Change
    The average person in Britain eats more than three times the government’s recommended 70 grams of red or processed meat each day. Rich countries should encourage consumers to eat less meat and help farmers become more environmentally-friendly, campaigners said on Tuesday as pressure mounts to limit global warming. If you ... read more
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  • Leadership Lessons From Professional Ice Hockey
    Former ice hockey goaltender Helmut de Raaf played an incredible 114 times for Germany on the world stage as well as winning 11 German national championships. With a host of 14-20-year-olds now benefitting from his extensive experience, he explains why creativity in sport wins and how you can apply this to ... read more
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  • Behold the DUSTO. A Guide to Crowd Investing Acronyms.
    In the beginning, there was common stock—thanks for your money, here’s your certificate. Fast forward to the age of tech startups and gushers of digital coin offerings and things get a little more complex. Enter SAFES and ICOs. Now those terms sound almost quaint as the crowdfunding and fintech worlds ... read more
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  • Community Centered Revitalization Webinar
    In this webinar, Kim Arnone and Brian Beckon discuss community capital, investment funds, opportunity zones, and local control. If you have any follow-up questions or would like to schedule a one-on-one consultation call please email us at info@cuttingedgecapital.com. The post Community Centered Revitalization Webinar appeared first on Cutting Edge Capital. ... read more
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  • With Help From State Crowdfunding Law, an Alaskan Brewery Looks to Expand
    Many U.S. cities these days are dotted with microbreweries vying for attention. But for residents of Sitka, a tiny Alaskan city nestled below Baranof Island’s glacier-carved mountains and accessible only by boat or plane, their lone microbrewery is a vital part of the community. Baranof Island Brewing Co. was founded ... read more
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  • Program for Diverse Founders Targets Lack of Friends and Family Funding
    Most startups fund their earliest days with money from friends and family, as well as angel investors. But what if your friends and family are not wealthy—and, in fact, are more on the struggling side of the equation? That’s the stark reality for many entrepreneurs, especially those from diverse backgrounds. ... read more
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  • Accountable Capitalism vs. Shareholder Primacy: Finding a Better Way
    Elizabeth Warren’s recently proposed Accountable Capitalism Act (“ACA”) has ignited a lot of controversy, with supporters hailing it as the way to save capitalism, while others argue that it will destroy capitalism. In my view, while it is a step in the right direction, there is a better way to ... read more
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  • Three Years Ago, PV Grows Launched Their Investment Fund, What Are They Up To Now?
    by Sydney Boral | September 14, 2018 The Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts is beautiful during this time of year. The arrival of autumn signifies to the rich agricultural economy that it’s time for harvest. For PVGrows and their partners, it’s also a season of celebrating three years since the launch of their investment ... read more
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  • Welcome Sydney!
    A big welcome to Sydney–our new Communications and Operations Associate! She’s a Bay Area native and UCSB alumnus. Her background includes stints in social enterprises and impact organizations including working on campaigns to prevent child exploitation and developing and managing youth ministry programs. She will be Cutting Edge’s lead on ... read more
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  • Want to have the best, most productive time at ComCap17? Here’s how…
    Hello Community Capital Advocates…ComCap17 is just 3 days away! Want to have the best, most productive time at ComCap17? Here’s how… First—party with your new friends! Sunday, Sept. 10 – opening night reception at Monterey Museum of Art – Pacific St, 6pm-8pm. Enjoy the special exhibit around our soirée, “Who ... read more
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  • Flash Your Badge and Get Hungry for Monterey!
    Fresh Fish. Fine Wine. The Perfect Breeze, Gorgeous Produce and Even Better Views. We invite our esteemed ComCap17 conference-goers to make the most of their upcoming trip, and experience the very best of what the historic Monterey Peninsula region has to offer, which is tremendous! In this post, you’ll find highlights ... read more
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  • CCTP016: Serving Minority Entrepreneurs with Xiomara Pena
    CCTP016: Serving Minority Entrepreneurs with Xiomara Pena CCTP016: Serving Minority Entrepreneurs with Xiomara Pena Tackling small business development is ... read more
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  • Students Make All the Difference: Join us at ComCap17
    “Students are the future. It makes sense that the only way we’re going to change the status quo is with young people. The world needs new models, yet we continue to use the old ones—systems that are killing us. We must build new systems with people who aren’t entrenched in ... read more
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  • What Should Local Economic Development Look Like?
    Community capital provides new access for citizens to invest and removes barriers to entrepreneurship. Historically under-served communities (i.e. African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, women, and rural), can now invest in the enterprises they believe in. They are starting businesses and accessing capital from sources other ... read more
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  • Monterey Musts: Let’s go to the Aquarium!
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